Deichmann Shoe Machine: Running like Brickwork

Saving soles in a sea of shoeboxes, value footwear retailer Deichmann has arrived at a smart solution making self-service shoe buying both visually calming and commercially successful.



Boxing clever and boxing bold Deichmann works with its suppliers, brands and manufacturers to a colour palette that allows a brickwall of boxes to segment the assortment.

Yellow for ladies, blue for boys, reinforces for the not so well at heeled the basic segmentation whilst even the likes of Nike & Adidas conform like foot soldiers, regimented in space for clarity of brand offer.

Against this authority, styles and sellers above the norm, literally and laterally stand out in splendid isolation, no longer just another brick in the wall, but prominent on their cardboard plinths.

deichmann-shoe-machine-vision-of-woman deichmann-shoe-machine-brand-boxing deichmann-shoe-machine-summer-shelving

Sometimes simplicity can be the answer to a complicated collective puzzle, and this cost-effective solution shows a little lateral thinking can go a long way for less on a shoestring budget.