Always the unashamed showcase for unique creativity and distinct colour combinations and designs, Desigual sometimes felt like the awkward overdressed guest at the party that was the hugely successful Spanish high street.


Against the mass market commercial appeal of its rivals, their fast fashion footwork, and intelligent interpretations of the catwalk, Desigual had many admirers, advocates of its distinction, but not always the footfall walk to accompany the flattering talk.

However, still set against this unique stance, Desigual has added a new assortment of more approachable apparel lines, maintaining its point of difference with a concentration on its colour and creative forte, whilst moving to a stable of safer and more acceptable product silhouettes. And in an acceptance of its value critics, the latest store displays communicate clear pricing for more commercial lines such as T-shirts and fashion tops.

Always a store full of mystery, a clear value message and a new commercial edge will be a pleasant surprise for its vanguard of loyal followers, whilst also sure to attract a whole new range of admirers, still advocates from afar but now also customers through the door.

No compromise on creativity, but an affirmation of commercial credibility.


desigual-price-of-personality-stunning-interiors desigual-price-of-personality-blouse-bombardment desigual-price-of-personality-turning-the-value-tables

Has your USP become too unique for the market?
Are you trying to balance creativity with commercial credibility?

We have worked with a variety of brands and retailers helping to define and develop an assortment structure plan for commercial success, that also incorporates and celebrates a distinction and difference, strategically controlled for sales impact.

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