Bringing your product to life, particularly when its inspiration lays literally in the world’s deadest sea, is an essential for oiling the wheels of success of any toiletries retailer, and entering any Sabon store is certainly an assault on the senses.



With truly international inspiration two Israeli brothers combined Aboriginal ingredients and processes with the perfumes and herbs of their native land to produce a high class range of lotions and potions to shape, smooth and soften any area of human skin requiring immediate and serious refreshment.

The store evokes a period passed of a luxury lifestyle where perfect pampering took place within the cosy confines of an intimate space with subtle shades and lighting. Rows of beautiful bottles lining shelf upon shelf portent to the secrets and expertise that lies within. Not here the seduction of packaging and branded advertising but a purity of message delivered clinically and effortlessly.

The star of the show in every sense in every store is the stone sink centrally located and seducing every customer to its cold curves and the engaging experience of washing in a new and interesting way, encouraged and choreographed by the charming salon staff. Even the most dubious of de-scalers and experienced exfoliators is sure to become involved and fascinated by the different stages of bathing and washing that do literally leave your face and hands tingling fresh and invigorated.

The communal experience attracts curious customers to create a real focus of interactive engagement where time and aging stands still for at least a little while. A moment morphs into many minutes, in a journey leading every shopper from soap dishes to gift wishes. Much the better for a time well spent, many a moisturised hand leaves Sabon carrying new weapons in the daily battle for beauty and well-being.


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