The Scenario:

Walgreens has over 12,000 stores across the US. With such a huge and diverse range of formats it was struggling to understand how customers used its shops and wanted to maximise its store space, layouts and staffing to be as efficient and commercial as possible.

What we did:

We set up several trial stores complete with full shop video analysis cameras & software. We set about understanding the customer.

“Everyone has always been interested in video analytics but few have gained full value for their investments.

We analysed video evidence and precise data from thousands of hot spots, and combined it with our practical knowledge of how shops and merchandising and display work.

As a result we could see what happened and we could recommend what to do practically to improve customer experience and sales.”

What we achieved:

For the first time Walgreens was able to understand the key stages of the customer journey from visit frequency, to dwell, to touch and to sales. It was able to re-design shops, fixturing, layouts, displays, staffing schedules and service approaches to maximise conversion rates and sales.