The Scenario:

Nespresso is the world leader in coffee capsule machines. It sells its capsules online and through its growing number of ’boutiques.’ These are Nespresso brand flagships, showrooms, omni-channel hubs and shops.
Nespresso wanted both a precise shop delivery strategy to accelerate the sales of coffee accessories, as well as a wider blueprint for the future of its boutique experiences.

What we did:

We delivered several trial stores with a new merchandising strategy, visual display mechanisms & service approach.

We developed a blueprint for different future boutique concepts including assortment plans, service & self-service deliveries, shop environment, fixturing, display and brand communication.

“Brands always walk the tightrope of maintaining a strong focused brand story, whilst wideing and diversifying its assortment to maximise sales and profit.

‘Accessories are a logical extension for a coffee manufacturer and distributor. Coffee machines have become accepted but a further shift to mugs, cups and other accessories sets the brand against fierce competition.’

Achieving success in accessories requires a clear focus on product groups and brand design aesthetics. In this way to diversification is natural, accepted and welcomed by customers.”

What we achieved: