The Scenario:

Bestseller group which owns the Jack Jones, Vera Moda and Only labels has a large and expanding portfolio of direct shops and wholesale partners across South America.

The challenge was to create and manage commercial and brand consistency across a diverse array of physical spaces.

What we did:

We carried out a 2-day workshop to a cross-functional team in Uruguay.

The workshop outlined the process of delivering creative & commercial shops step-by-step.

“Workshops are a fantastic way to bring colleagues together, and to introduce the tools and the channels for them to express themselves, to inspire each other and to be the catalyst for change.

I’ve carried out many 2 day workshops. The Jack Jones one was special. It was initiated and stimulated by an innovative young leader, it included colleagues from head office departments and from shop teams, and it cut across the Jack Jones, Only and Vero Moda Bestseller brands.”

Tim Radley – Founder RETAILMEANING

What we achieved:

Our exercises stimulated discussions, hands-on activities generated new ideas. The output was a prioritised list of actions for team structure, responsibilities and processes to allow the business to operate in a more dynamic, interactive and commercial way.

“To achieve almost anything in retailing you need to work as a team.
You cannot overvalue the importance of putting diverse people together in a room for 2 days.”

Tim Radley – Founder RETAILMEANING