The Scenario:

World Duty Free & Spanish partner Aldeasa were in the process of developing the ‘Walk-Through’ duty free shop concept that is now a normal part of most airport customer journeys.
They wanted assistance to analyse first trials in Malaga & Alicante and to develop the blueprint for the future roll-out across international airports.

What we did:

We analysed the trial ‘walk through’ duty free shops, interviewing shop managers, colleagues & customers. Alongside we aanalysed sales data and benchmarked best practice ‘walk-through retail formats from IKEA to Tiger and other airports.
We then developed the future blueprint.

“Ultimately it is impossible to force customers to buy, and even the ‘hard-sell’ will deter customers in the long-term even if there is an immediate success.

It was a ‘risk’ to force travelers to go through the duty free shops on the way to the gate, particularly on what is traditionally such a ‘tense & stressful’ journey.

The key was the availability of flight information at every step of the journey before the shop, during the visit, at the checkout and at the exit of the shop. information had to be accurate and immediate.

Ultimately this is about trust. So much of retailing is about the customer trusting the retailer. When you have this, then you have a sale.”

What we achieved: