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The Scenario:

Ray-Ban, the iconic sunglasses brand is part of the Luxottica optical group. As part of the renaissance of Ray-Ban, Luxottica were looking to expand the mono-brand directly owned shops. As part of this process they needed to understand exactly how customers shopped their stores so that this could be integrated into the new design process.

What we did:

We set up trial shops fitted with video analytics technology. This allowed us to follow every detail of the customer journey. The analytics were supported by store interviews and best practice benchmarking.

“When shops don’t work in terms of sales it is easy to jump to large conclusions as to the reasons. It is easy to blame a poor assortment, or a shop in the wrong place.

The problem is often more complex and the solution precise. There is generally a logical answer to a ‘log-jam’ problem, which can transform the fortunes of the shop.

Customer journeys are complex and it is important to understand every stage from footfall, to dwell, to browse, and finally to purchase. There is conversion at every stage. Without understanding the customer journey it will always be difficult to identify and remedy a problem.”

What we achieved: