The Scenario:

Bialetti are the Italian manufacturers of the classic hexagonal aluminium gas hob coffee maker. A design masterpiece that is under threat from cheaper overseas copycat brands, and the many other modern methods for making fresh coffee.
Bialetti needed help to re-discover the beauty, the quality and the unique experience of its coffee maker, to drive new brand loyalty with both its familiar customers, and a whole new audience of coffee lovers.

What we did:

We assessed the current coffee market and Bialetti’s potential place in it.
We developed recommendations for re-inventing its hero product, diversifying the assortment without diluting its values, communicating its message with a fresh brand voice, and the importance of drawing on its heritage and its distinct humour, whilst embracing the sustainable ethic of today’s world.

“When economies are struggling and customers have less disposable income in their pockets the temptation for most brands is to reduce prices. Definitely through promotions and reductions, but also as a more permanent shift to commodity products and low prices.

Tempting as this is, such a strategy removes distinction and added-value from any authentic brand and plays into the hands of high-volume competitors whose business model is to make profit from selling huge unit numbers.

Speciality brands cannot match these sales volumes, nor ultimately the low-prices. Indeed they have thrown away their added-value weapons. Authentic brands always have so many secrets and attributes which have great value and importance to the customer, but which are never used. Without their presence, the future leads only to a spiral of price reductions and ultimately failure”

What we achieved: