Does your store backroom space show you value your staff?


The Daily Post:- 5th April
Does the amount of store gross sqm you dedicate to your staff really show how much you value them?


I’ve been visiting stores of a couple of similar retailers in terms of their sector and size of store. They have different market positions but have the commonality that customer service is very important to their proposition and ultimately their conversion and profit.

Despite the market positioning differences, many elements in the store are similar from the density of displays, type of fixture, layout of the retail space and so on.

However the thing that sets them apart is often a forgotten calculation in store development and usually one carried out by someone with a decidedly operational perspective rather than a customer experience one – the amount of backroom space dedicated to staff.

This was not an accident of history as stores from both retailers were new yet still had the same trend.

So take retailer one with a beautiful rest space with relaxing chairs as well as a formal eating area complete with all facilities, more than ample space for toilets for everyone, offices with meeting desks and communal space for meetings and presentations.

Compare with retailer two, where staff were crammed into a kitchen space with minimal seating, only a microwave for cooking, offices that had to share space with POS displays and a small corridor on which to post important information.

Well I won’t say which retailer was the high level brand, or which was the mass market operator, and who was giving the best customer service, with the happiest, most engaged and loyal staff. I’ll leave you to work that one out.

However, do consider who is working on the space allocation of your stores and whether space given to your brand ambassadors is more valuable than your less than best seller merchandise.


Are you a little behind in your process for space planning your stores?
Are you creating spaces to really best serve your important store personnel?
We can help.

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