Athleta: Power to the She Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

GAP created the Athleta  concept to be much more than a ladies fitness apparel and equipment retailer but  as a hub for the fitness lifestyle itself.



The concept is completely  multi-channel but focused on the neighbourhood communities around each store, selected as aerobic areas with high levels of fitness clubs and activities for ladies of work and leisure with health and fitness at heart.

The stores are understated,  but intimate and welcoming.

The atmosphere encourages the customer to browse and  to spend time. The assortment is segmented between activity specific apparel  & the appropriate equipment displayed with authority and category clarity, through to more leisure lifestyle collections where the presentation is more closely coordinated to that of a  boutique.

Around the store scattered information hot spots with news of events, activities and classes in the immediate vicinity, as well as Internet terminals where customers can explore further information as well as the extended Athleta assortment.

GAP has developed some  interesting initiatives to propel the concept to the role of leisure hub, such  as sponsorship of leading US sportsmen and more local fitness “heroes”,  and diverse directories of local classes and clubs.

The retailer has also  developed and promotes highly in the store a number of hero MVP products – Most  Valuable Performer which give a value twist to what is primarily an assortment based on performance, quality and a fashion premium.


athleta-fit-studio athleta-hero-products athleta-power-to-the-she

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