Adi-Dazzler: Walking the Road to World Cup Victory

Germany’s World Cup in every sense. The national team won the trophy, whilst the country’s famous sportswear brand Adidas, swept the manufacturers board with both finalists and the winners of the golden boot and the golden ball.



The clean sweep was reward for a brand that has a proud history of making specialist footwear for its very special sportsmen & sportswomen.  Its landmarks are best told through its products and a visit to your local Adidas store may well yield a unique representation, a calendar of champions who spoke with their actions and not with their words.

The role of Adidas honour includes erstwhile pioneers of sporting achievement from Jesse Owens to Dick Fosbury, from Mohammad Ali to Bob Beamon, and a couple of nods of acknowledgement to the worlds of ice skating and hiking from the 1930s that belonged to a certain Mr Dassler. Adi Dassler, pioneer of modern sports footwear, transformed the humble trade of cobbling into a specialist art-form combining technology and beauty.

One man’s many steps on the mountains of Germany, went along way to creating the huge strides that have led to sports manufacturing’s world domination.


adidas-adi-dassler-bob-beamon adidas-adi-dassler-ice-hockey adidas-adi-dassler-mohammed-ali

Have you got a humble past to share with your customers.
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