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Tim Radley – “Welcome to my world”

I’m a retail specialist based near London, and bring to the table 30 years of being young in the industry.

My work with retail companies has spanned a wide variety of strategic and operational projects, including back-end product development to front-end customer experience, and most things in-between. My role has always been to introduce ‘new’ retail thinking and processes, so improving both the financial performance KPIs, and the human experiences of retail businesses. of course, this has never been as important, as it is now.

Welcome to the world of Tim Radley & VM-unleashed…

It has been my great fortune to have worked across the world of retail from Europe and Asia to South America and the US, which has confirmed my view that retail people and customers are all ‘cut from the same cloth,’ yet are as diverse and wonderfully individual as the list of people I have worked with suggests.

Primark, Walgreens, Boots, Adidas, AllSaints, Ferrari, Luxottica, Ray-Ban, Nespresso, Bata, Halfords, Carrefour, Ladbrokes, Camper, Jack Jones, Marks & Spencer, Cortefiel, Springfield, Sainsbury, Continente, Sonae, Otto Versand, BonPrix, World Duty Free, Sprinter, La Caixa, National Geographic, Real Madrid, KappAhl, Flex, Gruppo Vestebene, Alessi, Eroski, Gruppo Coin, OVS, Carrera, Aena, Heatons, Bally, Portaventura, Sony, Clarks, Benetton, Imaginarium, Dublin City Council, Porcelanosa, Northumbria University, Bialetti and Baltika.

VM-unleashed: specialist in retail experiences

In 2007 I set up VM-Unleashed to create a company that specializes in developing world-class customer experiences in physical and digital shops.

For more than a decade much of our work has remained focused on the physical shop environment and despite the increase in digital sales, even in the UK where the penetration is one of the highest, physical shops remain important as part of multi-channel, multi-touchpoint strategies.

Working with the new shop DNA

VM-unleashed has evolved to stay-ahead of these trends. It offers clients its established skills and support in creating shop experiences, but with a new appreciation of the other elements that now form part of the DNA of ‘shops of the future.’

VM-unleashed now offers strategic advice, creative design, operational planning, and collaboration on the development and delivery of physical shops, across all elements that now form the retail hub.

Shop format – flagship, neighbourhood, convenience pop-up

Physical location planning

Shop grading & clustering

Retail hub gross space planning

Flexible space planning and allocation

Shopper paradise environmental design

Product allocation

Product story segmentation & display

Visual merchandising

Visual communication

Digital signage & display

Events and promotional delivery

Service area functionality & design

Shopping ‘Golden Triangles’

Stock rooms and storage allocation

Store operations, schedules & routines

Staffing and operations technology

Click&collect/omni-service area design

Staff area space allocation – office, hospitality, omniservices

Community engagement planning

Community space design

Business space strategies

Retail hub partnerships & collaborations

Logistics, distribution & delivery planning

Shop teams skills planning

Shop colleague training, learning & development

If you want to start the ‘retail project’ ball rolling then please get in touch and I will be happy to share with you some typical project templates, schedules, costs, and case studies. If we decide together that you could do with a helping hand, be assured that my assistance will be appropriate, workable, collaborative, affordable and achieve the goals you require.


Thank you for taking the time to get this far. It’s been my pleasure.

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