Physical shop strategies

Physical shops: Places in our hearts & minds

COVID was supposed to be the death knoll for physical shops. It was of course immensely damaging and resulted in many shops closing and businesses folding. Customers naturally migrated to digital channels, some permanently and others temporarily.

Despite the whole channel being closed, the physical shop, in its best incarnations has already continued to bounce back. Despite everything, it is still the major channel for many customers, across most sectors, in the majority of markets, across the world.

However, what has survived the seemingly impossible, will not be the same as before. It never will, and why should it be?

From traditional retail shop to the innovative ‘Retail Hub’

The ‘rapidly’ changing retail shop

The physical shop is changing rapidly. Its role is no longer just about selling physical product, but about delivering services and fulfilment across channels. VM-unleashed considers and integrates functions that are exclusive to physical shops such as fitting and personal shopping with functions which have been initiated online such as click& collect and returns but which need to be fulfilled in physical shops.

The evolution of the ‘Retail Hub.’

In essence the ‘shop’ or ‘store’ is evolving into a ‘Retail Hub.’ The retail hub is built around 4 integrated areas. The ‘shopper paradise’ is still the centrepiece consisting of product displays and associated customer service. The ‘Collection Crossroads’ satisfies the needs of the omnichannel shopper and facilitates the collection, delivery, return and exchange of goods. Ironically this is also now a main driver of shop traffic.

The local ‘Community Hub.’

The third element is the local ‘Community Hub’ which uses shop space to form links with the customer and local communities, from staging events and running courses, to providing a setting and showcase for community initiatives.

Shop colleague involvement and interaction are essential to the community hub. Finally, retail hubs are increasingly using excess and flexible shop space for ‘Business Centres’ allowing the cost-effective delivery of retail places. These include business and community offices and working space, as well as residential use for shop colleagues and local communities.

Working with the new shop DNA

VM-unleashed has evolved to stay-ahead of these trends. It offers clients its established skills and support in creating shop experiences, but with a new appreciation of the other elements that now form part of the DNA of ‘shops of the future.’

VM-unleashed now offers strategic advice, creative design, operational planning, and collaboration on the development and delivery of physical shops, across all elements that now form the retail hub.

Shop format – flagship, neighbourhood, convenience pop-up

Physical location planning

Shop grading & clustering

Retail hub gross space planning

Flexible space planning and allocation

Shopper paradise environmental design

Product allocation

Product story segmentation & display

Visual merchandising

Visual communication

Digital signage & display

Events and promotional delivery

Service area functionality & design

Shopping ‘Golden Triangles’

Stock rooms and storage allocation

Store operations, schedules & routines

Staffing and operations technology

Click&collect/omni-service area design

Staff area space allocation – office, hospitality, omniservices

Community engagement planning

Community space design

Business space strategies

Retail hub partnerships & collaborations

Logistics, distribution & delivery planning

Shop teams skills planning

Shop colleague training, learning & development

Your ‘physical shop strategy’ project…

If you want to start the ‘physical shop strategy’ ball rolling, please get in touch. I would be happy to share with you some typical project templates, schedules, costs, and case studies.

Please get in touch to discuss further your particular needs.

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