Bespoke Projects

Bespoke retail projects

If we use the common parlance of ‘Retail Project’ then it gives us a good chance of beginning our discussion with everyone’s understanding and expectations at least being on the same page. Bespoke projects ensure that deliverables always meet the clients’ expectations.

These pieces of work can and should take any form that is going to work for you. To deliver success bespoke projects must always consider the size of your business, your current levels of expertise, the standards of your delivery, the legacy of your history and the opportunities for your future.

Bespoke retail project process loops

Listening to your needs

Our projects are always bespoke, and so they begin with in-depth discussions on your needs, your objectives, and your limitations. We construct the process and schedule to reach those objectives.

A bespoke project’s objectives may be focused on physical delivery, an operational change, or a new strategic initiative. In all scenarios it is important to include how the project process can add value and stimulation to your internal teams as we always prioritise the collaboration and integration of the project with your colleagues and employees.

Leaving a project legacy

The legacy that is left by a project within your living business may well prove to be the biggest asset you could have planned for or wished for. This is my experience. I have witnessed this, time after time.

Therefore, our external team is light. It is highly experienced and expert, but it is light. We want the legacy to be in your employees, not in your bank account. We want your performance KPIs to be improved, but we also aim to improve your employee experience measures. The two are symbiotic. Not mutually exclusive.

Appropriate, workable and affordable

If you don’t require external help, that’s great. I’m happy to help you come to that conclusion through an informal discussion. If we decide together that you could do with a hand, be assured that our bespoke project will be appropriate, workable, collaborative, affordable and achieve the goals your require.

Bespoke projects can include and integrate a wide variety of functions and deliverables.

Shop format – flagship, neighbourhood, convenience pop-up

Physical location planning

Shop grading & clustering

Retail hub gross space planning

Flexible space planning and allocation

Buying & merchandising

Assortment structure planning

Shopper paradise environmental design

Product allocation

Product story segmentation & display

Visual merchandising

Visual communication

Digital signage & display

Events and promotional delivery

Service area functionality & design

Shopping ‘Golden Triangles’

Stock rooms and storage allocation

Store operations, schedules & routines

Staffing and operations technology

Click&collect/omni-service area design

Staff area space allocation – office, hospitality, omniservices

Community engagement planning

Community space design

Business space strategies

Retail hub partnerships & collaborations

Logistics, distribution & delivery planning

Shop teams skills planning

Shop colleague training, learning & development

Your project…

If you want to start the ‘bespoke retail project’ ball rolling, please get in touch. I would be happy to share with you some typical project templates, schedules, costs, and case studies.

Please download our bespoke project overview…

It’s been my pleasure to have worked with a wide variety of retailers and brands. I’m happy to say that if I occasionally bump into any one of the people I’ve worked with, then we are genuinely still very much on speaking terms.

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