how to sell product?



How to sell product?


The lives of customers are more dynamic than ever. Retail has to respond with a 24/7 relationship and stores that are always ready to sell.

Retail calendars have developed into omnichannel tools, telling a variety of product and brand stories whilst being fully interactive with customers.

Stores need to be selling machines, managing inventory through perpetual messages and promotions, responding instantly to fluctuations in sales patterns.

Sales personnel are becoming the stars of retail theatre. Recruiting, incentivising and rewarding store teams in a way that creates brand ambassadors is an essential for customer experiece.

We help to plan store dynamics, manage stock and sales and guide retailers on the way to attracting and engaging the perfect store team.


marketing events & promotions:



  • retail calendar development
  • dynamic strategies for stimulating sales
  • managing price perception – price & prime promotions
  • optimising best seller category trends
  • lifestyle calendar development by customer segment
  • definition of appropriate timing/duration of campaigns
  • development of specific communication messages
  • definition of appropriate channels for each campaign
  • technology application to plan, manage & analyse multi-channel campaigns 



in-season management:



  • measuring & monitoring performance
  • the importance of “rate of sale”
  • WSSI: sell-through and days cover
  • sales planning curves & understanding price elasticity
  • corrective & aggressive promotions
  • the promotional mechanics “toolbox!”
  • predictive and flexible promotional calendars
  • in-store transfers
  • replenishment, refreshment & renewal
  • delivering promotions in 3D space
  • omni-channel sales management



customer service:



  • ‘spoiling your space with staff! & your staff with space!’
  • personality recruitment
  • using ‘compliance’ or ‘education’
  • traditional and disruptive training
  • remote technology training – ‘eyes in the sky!’
  • dynamic staff communication – ‘mobile management!’
  • flexible & enthused scheduling
  • identifying visual merchandising guardians
  • creating brand ambassadors
  • skills and talent space and time allocation
  • reviewing, rewarding & refreshing sales personnel




Customer experiences require integrated strategies & processes.

which strategy?

which product?

how much product?

how to display product?

how to sell product?       

how to make-it happen?


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