how to make it happen?



How to make it happen?


Many good ideas and important initiatives from the boardrooms of retail businesses never make it to the physical store or come face to face with the customer.

We help retailers “make things happen” by improving the correct processes within functions and across departments – ‘from boardrooms to stockrooms.’

Having the correct organisational structure, resources and skills at each level needs to be supported with appropriate training and ongoing tools and guidance.

VM-unleashed has widespread experience developing training manuals and workshops, evolving store operational improvements and assessing internal processes and human resources.


store operations:



  • ‘a day in the life of your store!’
  • following the path of the product from delivery to the shelf
  • delivering scheduling and before hours reception
  • coordinating day teams and night teams
  • stockroom and reception operations
  • delivery processing ‘time & motion’
  • stockroom sizing and stock layout
  • product processing for floor ready placement
  • shop-floor replenishment processes
  • best seller and out-of-stock prioritisation
  • staff scheduling & task management
  • customer service operations
  • cash desk, fitting rooms & queue management


retail disciplines & compliance:


  • store audits and minimum standards
  • daily schedules, routines & regimes
  • retail implementation manuals
  • task prioritisation
  • technological implementation tools
  • problem and obstacle reporting
  • ‘compliance’ or ‘education’
  • daily dynamic communication
  • remote store management
  • remote store clustering by type
  • staff task rotation for enthusiasm


retail tools & processes:


  • traditional store manuals
  • what to do when the ‘ideal’ doesn’t happen
  • traditional seasonal training sessions
  • monthly and dynamic guidelines
  • promotional calendars
  • seasonal inspiration and updates
  • dynamic ‘multi-message’ communication
  • spontaneous in-store training
  • store checklists & protocol
  • technology & apps for staff training
  • live training and on-the-job chats


team structures & processes:



  • corporate organisational structures
  • vertical and lateral hierarchies
  • the role of “brand manager”
  • the rise of the Chief Marketing Officer
  • integrating product, sales, operations & marketing
  • combining ‘marketing insights’ with ‘marketing output’
  • buying & merchandising structures
  • the role of buyers, merchandisers and specialists
  • the qualitative product development process
  • the quantitative assortment planning process
  • integrating head office and stores
  • importance of visual merchandising ‘glue’
  • the balance between store managers and store assistants





Customer experiences require integrated strategies & processes.

which strategy?

which product?

how much product?

how to display product?

how to sell product?       

how to make-it happen?


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