how to display product?



How to display product?


The success of a physical store experience depends on integrating both 3-dimensional and 2-dimensional disciplines.

Customer journeys must be conceived in space that create the opportunity for touchpoints to engage with and excite the customer.

Combinations of visual displays and graphic communication, both traditional & digital, should then be used to create triggers for the customer to bay.

We help to develop the customer journey and advise on the appropriate store design, environment and atmosphere that represents the brand values and resonates with the customer.


store layout & customer journey



  • controlling space blocks and department depth & widths
  • creating sightlines, valleys & cascades
  • space zoning, product grouping and movement
  • power walls, focal points and hot spots
  • facilitating the customer journey
  • allocating sqm according to sales productivity
  • analysing the customer journey
  • identifying & locating customer touchpoints
  • creating “customer triggers”  



visual merchandising & display



  • presenting product stories with authority
  • displaying product commercially
  • creating impact with optimum option and unit densities
  • displaying product attractively
  • using balance, scale & symmetry
  • using best sellers, image makers & margin product
  • maintaining dynamic displays
  • visual merchandising skills
  • VM roles, responsibilities & training
  • technology and VM remote communication
  • display propping & accessories



physical store experiences:



  • creating the “box of customer delights”
  • integration of buying, selling & VM display
  • “dynamism with distinction!”
  • low cost solutions for maximum “Wow!” impact
  • focusing investment on “dynamic content”
  • coordinating visual merchandising & communication
  • “simple mechanics! simple processes! smart thinking!”
  • multi-channel integration
  • product interaction & customer service
  • store planning processes
  • store design maintenance & renewal
  • where to invest in store design?


visual communication:



  • logos and visual identities
  • sub-brand strategy, positioning and identity
  • price communication
  • promotional design and delivery
  • functional graphics and navigation
  • emotional graphic & environmental graphics
  • product & service information – “solution not pollution!”
  • POS reduction and efficiency
  • graphic tools: bags, uniforms, packaging, ticketing
  • digital signage strategies
  • dynamic message content management
  • signage impact measurement & analytics




Customer experiences require integrated strategies & processes.

which strategy?

which product?

how much product?

how to display product?

how to sell product?

how to make-it happen?


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