how much product?



How much product?


The correct density of display, and the total available choice, are essential factors in maximising sales productivity per square metre.

We assess your price points, your sales volumes and your position in the market to establish the most commercial options per square metre, and units per option, for each store grade in your portfolio.

Depending on your store square metres, its sales productivity, its location and its customer demographic we also define the most commercial product mix.

In the omnichannel world the density rules are changing as customer experience competes with product assortment for square metre allocation. Our assessment gives the optimum balance between service, stock and selling space.


space planning & allocation:



◦maximising sales/profit productivity per sqm

◦maximising sales of best selling stock

◦minimising markdowns

◦space density and store capacities – store grading

◦“feeding” & “starving” store grades

◦square metre to linear metre conversion

◦allocating space according to profit contribution

◦facilitating effective visual merchandising

◦stimulating maximum rates of sale



commercial channel management



  • Omnichannel sales analysis
  • Channel profit generation assessment
  • Assortment allocation by channel
  • Option width & unit depth allocation
  • Rate of sale, sell-through and cover requirements
  • Initial allocation & replenishment dynamics
  • Distribution scheduling
  • Physical store range edits
  • Assortment segmentation by channel
  • Online & store exclusives
  • Omnichannel promotions & events



competitor benchmarking



  • Assortment benchmarking online & offline
  • Assortment structures and sizing benchmarking
  • Physical store grading benchmarking
  • Product “personality” benchmarking
  • Competitor cross-channel allocation trends
  • Real store visits, visual analysis and image capture
  • Omnichannel architectures of price, colour & size
  • Market research & cross-channel surveys
  • Interactive workshops with sales & buying teams
  • Analysis of cross-channel event allocation




Customer experiences require integrated strategies & processes.

which strategy?

which product?

how much product?

how to display product?

how to sell product?

how to make-it happen?


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