VMUnleashed specializes in integrating and delivering all the disciplines which generate commercial success through physical and online customer experiences.

Specifically we work with…

buying & merchandising, commercial space planning, store layout & allocation grading, visual merchandising, store operations, visual communication, store refreshment, tools & training and retail marketing.



The working methodology is interactive, collaborating closely with client teams not only to deliver project results but also to leave a legacy of understanding and new skills within those teams.

The niche and benefit to businesses is to improve individuals as well as coordination between internal teams. To help to develop the processes and tools required to achieve sustainable improvements driving retail sales and profit growth.



Established retail and consumer brands, start-ups and accidental retailers:

Primark, Walgreens, Boots, Adidas, AllSaints, Ferrari, Luxottica, Ray-Ban, Nespresso, Bata, Carrefour, Camper, Jack Jones, Marks & Spencer, Cortefiel, Sainsbury, Continente, Sonae, Otto Versand, BonPrix, National Geographic, Flex, Gruppo Vestebene, Alessi, Eroski, Gruppo Coin, OVS, Carrera, Bally, Portaventura, Sony, Clarks, Benetton, Imaginarium, Porcelanosa and Baltika.


MORE DETAILS: (for the curious at heart…)

buying & merchandising:



  • benchmarking and correcting key architectures
  • size, colour, price & product category parameters
  • identifying/optimising historical best seller category patterns
  • balancing image makers, best sellers & basics
  • defining product attribute/style enhancements
  • matching end-use & fashion positioning to sales/profit
  • optimising option width & unit depth
  • assortment volumes related to rates of sale



space planning & allocation



  • maximising sales/profit productivity per sqm
  • maximising sales of best selling stock
  • minimising markdowns
  • space density and store capacities – store grading
  • “gorging” & “starving” store grades
  • square metre to linear metre conversion
  • allocating space according to profit contribution
  • facilitating effective visual merchandising
  • stimulating maximum rates of sale



store layout & customer journey



  • controlling space blocks and department depth & widths
  • creating sightlines, valleys & cascades
  • space zoning, product grouping and movement
  • power walls, focal points and hot spots
  • facilitating the customer journey
  • allocating sqm according to sales productivity
  • defining site architecture & product population





visual merchandising


  • presenting product stories with authority
  • displaying product commercially
    with optimum option and unit densities
  • displaying product attractively
    to generate maximum rates of sales
  • presenting displays based on actual and planned
    best sellers, image makers, high & low margin product




physical store experiences:



  • creating the “box of customer delights”
  • integration of buying, selling & VM display
  • “dynamism with distinction!”
  • low cost solutions for maximum “Wow!” impact
  • focusing investment on “dynamic content”
  • coordinating visual merchandising
    and visual communication
  • “simple mechanics! simple processes! smart thinking!”
  • multi-channel integration
  • product interaction & customer service



visual communication:



  • logos and visual identities
  • sub-brand strategy, positioning and identity
  • price communication
  • promotional design and delivery
  • functional graphics and navigation
  • emotional graphic & environmental graphics
  • product & service information – “solution not pollution!”
  • POS reduction and efficiency
  • graphic tools: bags, uniforms, packaging, ticketing



market events & promotions:



  • retail calendar development
  • dynamic strategies for stimulating sales
  • managing price perception – price & prime promotions
  • optimising best seller category trends
  • lifestyle calendar development by customer segment
  • definition of appropriate timing/duration of campaigns
  • development of specific communication messages
  • definition of appropriate channels for each campaign
  • technology application to plan, manage & analyse multi-channel campaigns





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