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I’m Tim Radley, a retail professional whose been working with retailers, brands and service providers for over 25 years now.

10 years ago, I set up VM-Unleashed to create a company that specializes in developing & delivering customer experiences in physical stores and online.

Specifically, that means working on areas as diverse as buying & merchandising, commercial space planning, store layout & allocation, visual merchandising, store operations, visual communication, store refreshment, and the development and delivery of retail marketing.

My working methodology is interactive, collaborating closely with client teams not only to deliver project results but also to leave a legacy of understanding and new skills within those teams.

My niche and benefit to businesses is to improve individuals as well as coordination between internal teams. I help to develop the processes and tools required to achieve sustainable improvements driving retail sales and profit growth.





I’ve been lucky enough to support a diverse range of established retail and consumer brands, start-ups and accidental retailers:

Primark, Walgreens, Boots, Adidas, AllSaints, Ferrari, Luxottica, Ray-Ban, Nespresso, Bata, Carrefour, Camper, Jack Jones, Marks & Spencer, Cortefiel, Sainsbury, Continente, Sonae, Otto Versand, BonPrix, National Geographic, Flex, Gruppo Vestebene, Alessi, Eroski, Gruppo Coin, OVS, Carrera, Bally, Portaventura, Sony, Clarks, Benetton, Imaginarium, Porcelanosa and Baltika.



My work has promoted a healthy collaboration with like-minded retail service businesses which has grown organically from project work and other assignations. This is now something I nurture as “Resourceful Retailing”

As well as working alongside and inside established companies I have the opportunity to support smaller businesses and start-ups injecting retailer expertise, market knowledge and specific retailer insights.



I currently collaborate internationally as Director of Retail Experience at Ispira, based in Italy, and with agencies throughout Europe including MHE Consumer, a leading consultancy in Spain, Tisserlis in France and MHE Retail in the UK, Continental Europe & beyond.

Specialist collaborators span the awesome creative to the unfathomable technological and include Dalziel & Pow, Blacks VM, Jolly Horn, Fujitsu, Deda Group, StorIQ, Vizualize, Workpond, Congress Incentive GmbH, Future High Street, The Office Club and the London College of Fashion…amongst others.



I continue to use the VM-unleashed! brand to develop unique benchmarking tools to identify profit opportunities in the customer experience of both physical and online stores – recently “Omnichannel Unveiled!”

I also continue to present at retail conferences from as far afield as Dublin to Mumbai, appear in magazines and on radio, and speak on subjects as varied as the “Omnichannel Store of the Future” to the “Saving of the British High Street.”

I have developed a popular blog – “Retail by Your Side” as a source of practical & moral support for the retail industry, and am currently writing my first book, not-surprisingly titled – “The First Book of Retail Inspiration!”



Retailer, supplier, collaborator or a cog in any part of the great world of retail…always looking forward to making your acquaintance.

I’ll say no more for now…






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