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Retail content is more than just words produced to satisfy the appetite of the social media channels that have become so central to a retail business’s marketing.


Retail content must combine genuine retail knowledge, reflect the individual retailer “tone of voice” and be compatible from internal training communications to customer-facing marketing.

And in todays joined-up world it is essential that good retail content is distributed evenly and appropriately to win over the hearts of a disparate sales team, as well the minds and pockets of a sophisticated customer.

Tim Radley, as founder and owner of VM-unleashed, draws on his many years of retail marketing, training and communication to create and manage a variety of authoritative and engaging content streams.


1. Dynamic communication to staff and sales personnel

The 24/7 relationship between a brand and its variety of stakeholders has seen the communication channel to staff revolutionised as traditional manuals and sporadic formal training sessions have evolved into a dynamic and entertaining relationship delivered through technology, apps and social platforms.

As the main “touchpoint” between the customer and the brand the need for inspired and informed sales staff, both in stores and behind phones and monitors, is essential.

And the requirement for the correct retail content to create this staff proposition is paramount to the HR and training departments.

Your staff credibility will be built on the balance of the following retail content:-

  • Product information & inspiration
  • Brand communication
  • Promotions and events
  • Lifestyle and customer focus
  • Dynamic market communication
  • Store operational communication
  • Store compliance instructions
  • Customer performance knowledge
  • Customer service guidance

VM-unleashed researches, creates and edits retail communication to deliver an appropriate balance of messages, instruction and inspiration for staff roles across a retail business.

VM-unleashed coordinates with internal teams to manage the delivery of content in a digestible way for both head-office and store based retail personnel.


HR and training managers…do you struggle to coordinate and communicate the variety of functional information and emotional dialogue required to create an enthusiastic sales team of brand ambassadors?

Do you struggle to manage communication into traditional and interactive manuals as well as dynamic posts and bitesize nuggets of essential knowledge?

At VM-unleashed we may be able to assist…drop us a line:



2. Customer communication management

The knowledgable and sophisticated customer of today demands a level of communication far exceeding anything seen before.

The complete retail brand must communicate in an equally sophisticated and engaging way across subjects as varied as market & lifestyle trends to the detailed qualities and benefits of the product assortment. A range of subjects beyond the knowledge of the traditional internal marketing resource.

In addition, each retail brand must discover and communicate the “secrets” of itself and the “secrets” of its assortment often hidden and veiled by the proximity of internal staff to the day-to-day running of a business.

VM-unleashed looks with fresh eyes and wonder at every retail brand to extract and communicate the unique selling points and personality of any business in any retail sector. The personal portrayal is then combined with expert market communication to deliver a balanced and engaging dialogue with all customer groups across communication channel.


Marketing managers…do you struggle to assimilate and write the wide variety of messages required to satisfy the thirst for knowledge and the need to dream of your loyal customers?

Do you struggle to coordinate and segment the delivery of messages across your social platforms, marketing channels and customer service interfaces?

At VM-unleashed we may be able to assist…drop us a line:



Do you feel exhausted by the constant demand for new content?

Have you lost touch with the brand “tone of voice” as its message becomes dispersed?

In need of an extra pair of helping hands, a keen eye and calming voice?


For more information or delighted to chat…

Tim Radley


+44 (0)7967609849



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