“put the passion back into your retail!”



“put the passion back into your retail!”

The intense passion that a customer needs to feel for your brand when it comes to the hard-nosed act of handing over cash is not easy to generate and even harder to maintain. The longevity of true best practice retailers is testament enough to the perennial passion they are able to generate.

Passion is an absolute essential for retail success and as we move into this 24/7 emotionally charged selling environment passion about the product, passion about the brand and a passion about selling to customers is what is differentiating the retail success stories from the failures.


That’s why at VM-unleased we are passionate ourselves about this essential injection that often needs to be administered to all types of retail businesses.

The road to putting back the passion into your retail business begins with discovering what to be passionate about. For some this is blindingly clear and the simple reason for jumping out of bed every morning, whilst for others the gems of inspiration need to be more systematically discovered sometimes hidden deep within the corporate culture.

And to be quite frank if finding something to be passionate about becomes an impossible task then you have to question the viability of a retail business at all. Certainly with the same product, people and proposition.


The next step is to instil enthusiasm into the business, to energise every person to be proud and passionate about the product and the brand.

At VM-unleashed we look in-depth at what we call the “Flow of Passion” pumping, or not as the case may be, through the veins of your very existence, through every part of your organisation.

It is a very long way from the product drawing board to a store full of stock so we analyse this “Flow of Passion” from buyers to sales assistants, from boardrooms to stockrooms, from creation to planning, from manufacture to delivery, from marketing to sales. When passion has departed from the customer experience it is essential to identify where passion is created in the chain of processes and critically where passion is lost in your business.


“Flow of Passion” is all about people because only through them will passion be transferred to the product, the places where you sell and the final customer experience.

And finally we examine the success of your final objective, to communicate an intrinsic brand enthusiasm to the customer, through every touchpoint of every channel from stores to social media, from every interaction with the product to a simple smile on the face of a sales assistant.

To put back the passion in your retail business…


This is what we do.

  • Visit several typical stores and interview the staff at every level
  • Mystery visit own stores and competitors
  • Interview within the organisation
    • Job functions related to the “journey of the product”
    • Job functions related to marketing & design
    • Job functions related to HR and training
  • Assess retail HQ and store organisational structures
  • Analyse or instigate customer market research
  • Analyse relevant sales data
  • Analyse best-selling products & ranges
  • Assess staff training, job descriptions and career development
  • Assess sources of passion from product attributes to brand history


This is what we assess and what we help you improve…

  • The reaction and brand loyalty of the customer
  • The level of passion at the head of the company
  • The level of passion of sales assistants in store
  • The passion in buying & merchandising
  • The marketing strategy, process & personnel
  • Opportunities to generate passion with the customer
    • product attribute
    • brand history & heritage
    • ethics of product and brand
    • community & customer relationships
  • The HR strategy and criteria for hiring
  • Staff training, assessment and skills development
  • Staff fulfilment and loyalty
  • Roles where passion is high and where it is low
  • Key interfaces and handover of “passion” within a business
  • Reasons why passion dissipates and how to introduce change
  • Relative passion for product, for brand and for places
  • A day in the life of “store personnel”
  • Personnel performance KPI criteria and measurement
  • The balance of compliance and education
  • Flow of information & feedback through a business
  • Customer experience and brand interaction
  • Brand & product marketing across channels
  • Brand “Tone of Voice”
  • Balance of brand marketing – product, brand, lifestyle & customer generated


The objective of this tried & tested process is to discover where passion can be generated within a retail business, how to grow and communicate it through the organisation and ultimately deliver it for the customers’ delight.

So what about you?

Are you an established retailer that’s lost its passion for life?

Or, are you a new business looking to convert a passion into a product and a retail space?

Isn’t it time your discovered your merchandising mojo, your retail passion, and felt it flowing through your veins again?



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