maximising retail touchpoints across physical & online customer journeys

The undeniable reality is that the only commercially successful retail model now and into the future is omnichannel – the seamless customer journey through any number of interactions on our phones, tablets, computers, and with physical stores.

The customer demands nothing less.

Against this backdrop of nothing short of a retail revolution, VM-Unleashed & Tisserlis have developed


omnichannel-unveiled is a benchmarking & assessment process carried out by retail experts analysing how well a retail brand delivers & communicates its market position and its commercial & emotional propositions across channels.

It involves analysis of touchpoints across physical stores, e-commerce, m-commerce & social media platforms highlighting opportunities for improved customer experience perceptions & retail sales performance

omnichannel-unveiled is not just a number scraping or data crunching exercise but a process that coordinates quantitative analysis and qualitative assessment to define the success of any retail brand delivery within the context of its market positioning.

omnichannel-unveiled context. No. 1

In today’s highly competitive landscape retail brands must be delivered with best practice efficiency
but equally they must be interpreted in a distinctive way consistent across channels

  • this depends on your market positioning…
    • are you classic, contemporary or trendy…sporty, casual or formal?
    • this depends on your brand propositioning…
      • are you exciting & dynamic…or trustworthy & reliable?
      • this depends on your price positioning…
        • what do you represent in terms of absolute price & perceived value?
        • this depends on your target customer


omnichannel-unveiled context. No. 2

All retailers should clearly prioritise the brand propositions they want to deliver and excel in, communicating these perceptions consistently to the customer

  • we have “Ease of shop”
  • we display “Retail authority”
  • we deliver “Product inspiration”
  • we have a stimulating “Brand dynamic”
  • we represent “Price & value”
  • we are focused on an engaging “Fashion position”
  • we have a strong integrated “Customer service centricity”
  • we have evolved a best practice “Omnichannel integrity”


omnichannel-unveiled client project process

The omnichannel-unveiled project process begins with a workshop to explore the client brand proposition, the priority brand perceptions and to define the client market and price positioning

The project ends with a report, recommendations, action plan, and an interactive delivery workshop

The process takes a minimum 4 weeks…longer to include more analysis of dynamic elements such as newsletters and social media posts

  • Best practice & competitors to be analysed are personalised for the client
  • Departments and categories analysed are personalised for the client
  • Specific elements and touchpoints requested by the client can be analysed with more focus and detail
  • Specific channels and platforms can be prioritised according to client wishes
  • Specific brand perceptions highlighted by the client can be analysed more thoroughly

omnichannel-unveiled methodology

The client & best practice competitor retailers are analysed across the touchpoints of their most common physical store format, their e-commerce website, their mobile commerce site and selected social media channels, blogs and newsletter

Analysis is carried out across a range of elements and touchpoints in areas as:-

  • promotions and communication
  • product stories and grouping
  • space planning and display hierarchies
  • “searchability” and product exposure priorities
  • customer buying process efficiency & stimulation
  • customer service & customer focus

omnichannel-unveiled unique approach

the delivery of individual elements and touchpoints is scored in a unique way devised by VM-unleashed & Tisserlis combining both qualitative & quantitative considerations


the scores are then weighted using specifically devised formulae, in accordance with their importance in delivering specific proposition perceptions.
the weighted results and then grouped to show the relative strengths or weaknesses by channel and of brand propositions


The client proposition delivery is then compared with competitors.

The strength by channel of the client brand is compared with the channel strength of competitors & best practice.

Opportunities are identified and action plans written to improve brand perception and sales productivities through evolving specific delivery elements and touchpoints by individual channel and across channels

omnichannel-unveiled credentials

VM-Unleashed & Tisserlis have 25 years experience of translating physical stores and e-commerce delivery into commercial and emotional propositions

We have developed a process that translates the measurement of the delivery details of stores, websites and social media platforms into improvements in how to deliver brand propositions, customer experiences & perceptions, journeys and sales performance


So now, what about your omnichannel retail business?

Do you feel as though it is necessary to improve the strength of your brand proposition and the clarity of its communication; do you have opportunities to make your physical stores better, your e-commerce more engaging or your customer communication more dynamic; or is the key to sales performance the integration and coordination of your channels and platforms.

We could help.


omnichannel-unveiled could be your springboard to a more lucrative retail future

For more information contact us directly…





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