“hit the ground running!”


“Hit the Ground Running!”

…for retail executives starting exciting new jobs


Firstly congratulations to anyone beginning a new retail job.

If it’s anything like my own experience, the first few weeks will be that usual mixture of excitement and adrenaline, tinged to a greater of lesser degree with trepidation.

In addition, and I think this is unique to being a retailer, I was desperate to go out to visit actual stores and to talk with store personnel to really see what was happening, yet found myself tied up in essential wall-to-wall meetings in head office.

And of course what is even worse, and again unique to retail because of the pace of the business, the more days that went by without visiting stores, the more I felt out of touch with what my established colleagues were talking about. I could almost hear the clock ticking.


That’s why we offer our “Hit the Ground Running” express store review for those of you who need to know quickly and accurately what is happening in your new business.


To put you ahead of the game, ahead of seasoned colleagues, armed not only with knowledge but with insights and conclusions to make quick and correct assessments and decisions.

The review can take from 2-4 weeks depending on the scope required and the urgency of the outcome you need.

We always recommend at least 3 different but representative stores but ultimately it’s down to what you need. The more the better.

We also visit some relevant competitors and best practice stores to let you know how you compare to the market across a range of store deliverables.


This is what we do…

  • Visit 3 or more own stores
  • Informal interviews with store manager and sales personnel
  • Observe store operations for several hours
  • Visit several competitor & best practice stores


This is what we report on…

  • Visual review of environment & atmosphere
  • Store layout & customer journey
  • Product display & visual merchandising
  • Branding, POS and graphic communication
  • Promotions & campaigns
  • Store theatre and customer experience
  • Omni-channel delivery & store initiatives
  • Stock maintenance, replenishment & deliveries
  • Store housekeeping & disciplines
  • Operational processes and efficiency
  • Customer service levels
  • Consistency between stores

Of course, everything is flexible to ensure that you get the answers to the questions you want to ask……and if you don’t know what the questions should be then we’ll make sure we ask the most relevant ones.


So now, what about you?

Do you feel as though you need a helping hand to see quickly and precisely what your stores are looking like… what your staff are doing… and how your store experience compares to the market?

Do you need to “Hit the Ground Running?”





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