“eyes & ears of head office!”


“The Eyes & Ears of Head Office!”
…helping executives stay in touch with store realities


It’s not just idle retail folk-law that the best run businesses are the ones where head office executives find their way into stores most often.

The benefits are manifold from meeting customers, gathering feedback from store managers and sales personnel, experiencing logistical issues, discovering new product and seeing with their “own eyes” the general customer experience.

However for various and justifiable reasons it isn’t always possible to visit stores as often as required, or to be able to see the full variety of stores across a wide geography to really get a balanced view of situations away from the shadow of head office.


That’s why we offer our “Eyes & Ears of Head Office” store review programme for retail executives who need to know constantly, accurately and impartially what is happening across their store portfolio.


To put you ahead of the game, in a position of authority within the business, armed not only with knowledge but with insights and conclusions to make correct assessments and decisions.

Each review can take from 5-10 days depending on the scope required, to be repeated every month or season – 4 times a year, or at critical trading times such as Christmas or SALE.

We always recommend at least 3 different but representative own stores but ultimately it’s down to what we need to get an accurate a representative overview .

Each time, we also visit a sample of relevant competitors and best practice stores to let you know how you compare to the market across a range of store deliverables, and how that is evolving over time and through different campaigns.


This is what we do…

  • Visit 3 or more own stores
  • Informal interviews with store manager
  • Observe store operations
  • Visit several competitor & best practice stores


This is what we report on…

  • Visual review of environment & atmosphere
  • Store layout & customer journey
  • Product display & visual merchandising
  • Branding, POS and graphic communication
  • Promotions & campaigns
  • Store theatre and customer experience
  • Omni-channel delivery & store initiatives
  • Stock maintenance, replenishment & deliveries
  • Store housekeeping & disciplines
  • Operational processes and efficiency
  • Customer service levels
  • Consistency between stores

Of course, everything is flexible to ensure that you get the answers to the questions you want to ask……and if you don’t know what the questions should be then we’ll make sure we ask the most relevant ones.

Once the format and scope is defined then the process is repeated with an additional summary report every 6 months to conclude on progress during the period.


So now, what about you?

Do you feel as though you need an ongoing helping hand to see precisely and impartially what your stores are looking like, what your staff are doing, and how your store experience compares over time, across your store portfolio, compared to the market?

Do you need to have “The Eyes & Ears of Head Office?”





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