“a day in the life of your stores!”


“A Day in the Life of your Stores!”

…identifying “quick-win” sales performance & efficiency opportunities in store operations


It’s no myth that best practice retailers are the ones where HO executives spend more time in store, which is all well and good but most of you busy people simply won’t have the time to spend long periods of quality time in a variety of your stores.

“A Day in the Life of your Stores!” spent observing the daily routines across your chain can tell you all you need to know about the efficiency of processes and the effectiveness of staff collaborations and the impact these are having on your sales productivity and profits.

Sometimes the simplest of adjustments can improve efficiencies substantially, increasing the results of primary actions whilst freeing up time for secondary initiatives.


Where are the bottlenecks? What takes the time? Which actions have maximum ROI?

The day begins with the delivery of product to stores, the reception and the processing and the journey to the shop floor. In itself the benefits from improving the “path of the product” can include prioritising product actions and assortment focus, speeding up the time for product to be in front of the customer, reducing wasted time in identifying deliveries, making processes more physically manageable and efficient and managing replenishment so that easy sales are never lost.

During the day we also encounter issues such as staff scheduling, customer traffic management, queue management, live sales data access, sales performance responses, replenishment mechanisms, new stock ordering, omni-channel responsibilities, POS management, visual display maintenance and customer service protocols.


So plenty of opportunities for improvement there!!!

As with all things, including specifically retail, nothing works or can work in isolation so the integration of effort, designation of responsibilities and sequencing of actions is something always well worth while taking a close look at. It’s here that there are always some of the most beneficial changes can be made.

In reality life is never the same in any 2 stores, even with the best laid-plans and intentions, so we always recommend at least 3 different, but representative stores, are visited and “A Day in the Life of…” analysed but ultimately it’s down to what we need to get an accurate a representative overview if that requires more stores.


This is what we do…

  • Visit 3 or more own stores
  • Informal interviews with store manager and store personnel
  • An entire days shadowing staff and observing store operations
  • The “path of product” through the store
  • As appropriate discussions with relevant field & HO executives


This is what we report on…

  • The “path of product”
  • Delivery scheduling and reception
  • Product processing and stockroom activities
  • Speed and efficiency to shop-floor
  • Visual display and maintenance
  • POS and graphic processes
  • Store moves, guidance and support
  • Promotional management & delivery
  • Store personnel expertise & training
  • Roles & responsibilities
  • Staff schedules and customer traffic patterns
  • Customer service levels
  • Store housekeeping & disciplines
  • Stock maintenance & replenishment
  • Technology tools
  • Shop-floor management
  • Staff guidelines, tools & training
  • Sales data availability – frequency & quality
  • In-store sales reaction and responses
  • Service operations – tills, changing rooms, fittings, demonstrations…
  • Operational processes and efficiency
  • Omnichannel activities – click&collect, returns
  • Consistency between stores
  • Consistency of management approach
  • Head office, field and store relationships


Of course, everything about “A Day in the Life of your Store!” is flexible to ensure that you get the answers to the questions you want to ask……and if you don’t know what the questions should be then we’ll make sure we ask the most relevant ones.

Once the format and scope is defined then the process takes between 4-8 weeks depending on the number of stores and scope of activities.

It ends with a detailed report with conclusions, recommendations, visual illustrations and prioritised action plan, and is delivered in a half-day, cross functional, interactive workshop.


So now, what about you?

Do you feel as though you need to know more about what goes on in your stores, in depth and across a variety of stores?

Have you lost sight of the “path of the product?”

Do you need to have “A Day in the Life of your Stores?”




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