Sustainability strategies

Sustainability: Making more from less

Time has long passed, from when a sustainable initiative was not much more than a smart marketing strategy. Sustainability has now irreversibly developed into something essential to establish commercial traction with many customers.

Responsibility for sustainability has also shifted, from the marketing department to every department across a business. Products are being held up as icons of the sustainable age, and so too are the businesses that produce and sell them. Shaming of exploitative businesses and the wasteful products they sell has gained a momentum that is not going to slow.

For our commercial, as well as our existential security, it is essential that retail embraces every aspect of sustainability.

Greater than the disruptive markets we operate in, is the disrupted world that we live in.

Evolving sustainable education

The process of evolution begins with education. Increasing the awareness of colleagues, customers and suppliers about sustainable materials & processes is the minimum first level of achievement.

A ‘quick-win’ overhaul of the complete buying & merchandising process is simply not going to happen. Superficial changes make little difference to either the business credentials of the retailer or the actual impact on the environment, and genuine sustainability.

Un-picking and re-inventing existing processes

Fundamental change requires the un-picking of existing process principles and collaborations, whilst additional sustainable alternatives are also explored. This takes time, however it does not mean that the buying teams cannot move relatively quickly to selecting more materials that are recyclable or recycled, wherever possible. This begins with education.

Buyers can also evolve further the development of individual products, ranges and capsule collections that are completely re-cyclable, or re-usable. Moving forwards one step at a time can accelerate into a sustainable pace for change across the entire assortment.

The important thing is to have a long-term sustainability strategy in place. And to communicate it honestly.

Customers are also realistic enough to know that every change cannot be made in an instant. However, they are fully aware of the ‘greenwashing’ of businesses claiming to be on the road to sustainability, whilst still clearly driving along the exploitation super-highway.

Marketing campaigns, internal sustainability schemes, charitable collaborations and donations, as well as the harnessing of colleague lifestyle initiatives are all important in communicating to customers that at the very least, the intent to change is a reality within the business.

Your ‘sustainability’ project…

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