resident retail expert: ‘speak like a retailer’



Resident retail expert: ‘speak like a retailer!’


Simply selling products to the retail world in todays saturated market is difficult.

Suppliers, like their retail clients, need to project themselves as brands. When supplying to retailers that brand must have, amongst other things, retail authority.

Many successful suppliers have a “retail expert” as part of their proposition. Their role is to be visible through marketing material development, market insights, retailer research and providing the retail context for the product offer.

We supply the “retail expert” as an integral part of the client brand or as an independent industry witness and endorsement.





resident retail expert:

  • putting the product offer into retail context
  • endorsing the retail value of the product
  • supplying retail authority to the brand
  • keeping clients ‘up to retail speed’
  • identifying retail opportunities
  • generating retail focused communication
  • the “retail voice” of the business
  • a retail news conduit for clients
  • supporting pitches & presentations
  • supporting trials & implementations
  • know the retail trends better than the client
    • store environments
    • fixtures & materials
    • quantities and qualities
    • graphic mechanics
    • POS & signage distribution
    • content delivery & management
    • display techniques
    • visual prop numbers and specifications
    • staffing ratios & allocation
    • operational opportunities
    • store maintenance audits
    • out-of-stock control & management
    • payment methods and channels
    • cash desk queuing opportunities
    • fitting room efficiencies
    • marketing messages – focus and dynamics
    • marketing messages – quantities & delivery
    • online marketing focus & dynamic



‘To catch a retailer you need to speak like one!’


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resident retail expert: ‘speak like a retailer!’

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