customer experience: ‘the whole picture!’



Customer experience: ‘the whole picture!’


We collaborate with retailers and suppliers on delivering improved customer experiences.

Physical store experiences are not created by the delivery of isolated actions or the implementation of isolated new installations or technologies. They are created through the coordination of traditional skills and manufacturing and new technologies and processes.

Our value to suppliers and retailers is to understand the wider picture and to ensure that all necessary collaborations and related issues are included in projects. We ensure that the best possible outcome is achieved through the implementation of all the essential elements that make up the improved customer experience.





customer experience:

  • defining and safeguarding commercial strategies
  • maintaining the focus of the brand proposition
  • consistency of delivery across channels
  • buying and merchandising project input
  • assortment planning & allocation by project
  • control of product densities
  • space layout & customer journey planning
  • visual merchandising display principles
  • integrated visual communication solutions
  • marketing calendar implementation
  • commercial viability of store design & fit
  • know the customer experience role of your product
    • store environments
    • fixtures & materials
    • quantities and qualities
    • graphic mechanics
    • POS & signage distribution
    • content delivery & management
    • display techniques
    • visual prop numbers and specifications
    • staffing ratios & allocation
    • operational opportunities
    • store maintenance audits
    • out-of-stock control & management
    • payment methods and channels
    • cash desk queuing opportunities
    • fitting room efficiencies
    • marketing messages – focus and dynamics
    • marketing messages – quantities & delivery
    • online marketing focus & dynamic



‘To catch a retailer you need to speak like one!’


project implementation support:

customer experience: ‘the whole picture!’

dedicated surveys: ‘amazing facts & figures!’

resident retail expert: ‘speak like a retailer!’

retail content development: ‘being sociable!’

retail prospects: ‘10 golden opportunities!’

building retail relationship: ‘the retail hook!’


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