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“Resourceful Retailing” collaborates with and supports retail service & provider companies.

We collaborate on their existing projects with retailers, adding skills and expertise that help to develop and deliver the customer experience both in physical stores & online.

We also support the same companies in how they present and pitch themselves to the retail community. We help them to be credible & attractive to potential and existing retail clients.

Our collaborations span boundaries of common interest from traditional crafts to the latest technologies… shop-fitters, manufacturers, retail designers, visual merchandising & display specialists, digital signage, recruitment, HR & staffing scheduling, store operation applications, supply-chain technologies, e-commerce providers, payment, omnichannel & physical analytics, content marketing and management agencies.



On existing retail projects our working methodology is interactive, collaborating closely with both partners and final retail client teams. We deliver project results and also leave a legacy of understanding and new skills within those teams.

The injection of expertise can be in any of our core specialisms…buying & merchandising, commercial space planning, store layout & allocation grading, visual merchandising, store operations, visual communication, store refreshment, tools & training and retail marketing.

These skills are the heritage of the VM-Unleashed brand



For many companies who work directly with retailers we introduce the required retail mentality & knowledge to be credible in the marketplace.

We can instil retail confidence and authority, target market knowledge, sharpen retailer insights and demonstrate how to build successful long-term retailer relationships.




MORE DETAILS: (for the curious at heart…)


building retail authority:

defining the most credible proposition and communicating it with consistency across every touchpoint with retail clients.

  • content strategy development
  • “speak like a retailer!” tone of voice
  • “message” generation & distribution
      • website/mobile channels
      • blogs & social media
      • linkedin
      • newsletters
      • marketing documents
  • original & dedicated surveys & reports
  • strengthening the USP with “fantastic facts & figures!”


targeting market knowledge:

focusing marketing resources precisely on where there is a need, and intelligently to receptive like-minded retail prospects.

  • market analysis
      • background reports by sector/category
      • individual retailer overviews
  • partner identification
      • requirements matched against product offer
      • physical store audits & market assessments
      • online audits
  • partner suitability & reward
      • scale of opportunities
      • brand suitability
      • “ripeness!” based on need and likelihood


sharpening retailer insights:

delivering the irresistible proposition built around relevance, need and perceptive insights

  • research and discover the “10 retailer hooks!”
      • specific retailer insights
      • offline/online opportunity priorities
  • finding and presenting the “killer USP”
  • identifying needs through audit & analysis
  • pitch-perfect “material” preparation
  • presentation tutoring & support


building retail relationships:

anticipating partner needs & requirements through accurate ongoing assessments and “one-step-ahead” research and recommendations

  • product implementation support
  • periodic client reviews & assessments
  • competitor updates, news & performance
  • “interactive workshops” for loyalty and opportunity building
  • market & sector trends & predictions
  • bespoke surveys of client sectors




If there’s anything you’d like to ask about then please get in touch.


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