Bespoke Retail Training

Bespoke Retail Training Programmes

There are any number of reasons why you, as an retail individual, might want a one-off injection of retail knowledge as an individual. Why you might be in need of Bespoke retail training.

You may be starting a new role in a retail sector or category that is not familiar to you. You may feel you need a ‘fast-track’ knowledge injection so that you hit the ground running.

You may have been handed a new project to manage, or a promotion where you feel you need to improve or intensify your knowledge and awareness

You may own or work for an ‘accidental retailer’ where selling goods and managing retail issues is a bi-product of another passion. In this case a ‘fast-track’ training program can help you get up to speed with the retail fundamentals you are lacking

You may be an established retail executive who is struggling to keep up with the latest retail trends and thinking

You may simply not have the time to know everything you need to

You may just want to learn more about retailing

Fully flexible retail training

We can offer all varieties of bespoke retail training and support lasting from a few days to a few months. What support you need and for how long, and how frequently you have time to manage it, is entirely up to you. We can construct everything you need. And in today’s world everything can be remote, even virtual study tours. Geography is no barrier.

Business profiles of your own, prospective or competitor businesses

Business insights & recommendations

Market analysis and opportunities

Latest news & thinking

Current best practice

Study tours – real & virtual

Reports, exercises

Conversations & presentations

‘Brainstorming’ sessions

Your catalyst for change

If you decide that a bespoke retail training programme would be a valuable catalyst for your wider objectives, be assured that our assistance will be appropriate, workable, collaborative, affordable and achieve the goals you require.

Take a look at our one-to-one consultation overview…

Corporate or confidential

The bespoke retail training arrangement can be as open and corporate as you wish, part of your internal training budget and programming. It can also be for more than one colleague.

The training can also be as private and confidential as you wish.

If you are interested, then please get in touch. I’d be very happy to have a personal chat with you, to listen to your needs and requirements and to talk you through the possibilities, methods and costs.

In the meantime…

In the meantime, if you’d like to read my book to understand where I’m coming from, then that’s an excellent idea.

How to be an Essential Retailer

It is hot off the press for 2021.

Available from September via sustainable POD (print on demand) from Amazon or your usual book retailer.

I hope that the sections on how to flourish in the ‘The life and times of the Essential Retailer’ how to evolve ‘Agile Organisations’ and excel in ‘Astute Strategies’ may be sources of inspiration and guidance. You will also find 75 action plans and 100 retail best practice insights that may help you to assess your current weaknesses and opportunities.

If you are a new retail professional trying to find your place, then the sections on the ‘Retail Evolution Curve’ explaining the retail executive shift from ‘Deal-breakers’ to ‘Entrepreneurial disruptors’ quite interesting. Whilst in the ‘Agile Organisations’ page you’ll find plenty of relevance regarding organisational structures, digital-first mind-sets, innovation teams and managing the perpetually moving retail business.

Down load some extracts from ‘Meaning in the Retail Madness’…

Enjoy your read.

Thank you for taking the time to get this far. It’s been my pleasure.

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