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Retail projects come in every shape and size. I should know as I’ve been carrying them out for the last 30 years. The important thing is that projects are suited to the needs of your business so that they will have the impact that is required and anticipated.

Retail Projects to ‘meet your ends’

Businesses request projects for different reasons. sometimes they want a fresh pair of eyes to look at a familiar problem, or they don’t have the time or resources to do the work themselves. Often they want an external expert to make the change whilst also stimulating and training their internal teams in the process. And increasingly because they simply don’t have the specialism or expertise in their businesses.

A variety of project solutions

Retail projects need to flexible and bespoke in terms of scope, in terms of timings and in terms of cost.

We offer everything from daily workshops that inject knowledge, to short and sharp month-long strategic catalysts, to operational and new initiative deliveries lasting several months.

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Our ‘Shop of the Future’ specialism is our most popular project

Improving your internal team

Sometimes we carry out retail projects largely working alone, and sometimes we collaborate intensely with our clients. Many times we guide and stimulate your internal team so that they deliver the project themselves as that they grow and mature during the process.

In all our retail projects and consultancy the training and teaching of client colleagues as teams and as individuals is always a priority.

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Your project…

If you don’t require external help, that’s great. I’m happy to help you come to that conclusion through an informal discussion. If we decide together that you could do with a hand, be assured that our assistance will be appropriate, workable, collaborative, affordable and achieve the goals you require.

It’s been my pleasure to have worked with a wide variety of retailers and brands. I’m happy to say that when I occasionally bump into any one of the people I’ve worked with, then we are genuinely still very much on speaking terms.

So, if you want to start the ball rolling, please get in touch.

If you’d like to read my book first to understand where I’m coming from, then that’s an excellent idea.

How to be an Essential Retailer

It is hot off the press for 2021.

Will be published in September by sustainable POD (print on demand) through Amazon and all major book retailers.

I hope that the sections on how to flourish in the ‘The life and times of the Essential Retailer’ how to evolve ‘Agile Organisations’ and excel in ‘Astute Strategies’ may be a source of inspiration and guidance. You will also find 75 action plans and 100 retail best practice insights that may help you to assess your current weaknesses and opportunities.

Enjoy some extracts here…

Thank you for taking the time to get this far. It’s been my pleasure.

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